Sunday, January 23, 2011

Bad Customer Service

Recently, I bought a fabulous coat on (well, AliExpress), which is basically Chinese Ebay. They have a generally good reputation, so I didn't hesitate to buy from them.

My Mistake!

So the coat arrived, and was very nice. Exactly as pictured, very soft (and still for sale, I posted a thing on FB about it, I'd love to sell it for $70 OBO, it's the black one). But its just too small, especially in the shoulders. So I send a message to the seller that I would like a refund. No response. I send about 4 more messages, no response. AliExpress has an instant messenger service, and I attempted to contact the seller on that too. No response.

I want to point out that simply not doing refunds is not a problem. Had they responded to me, and told me they would only do exchanges, not refunds, that would have been fine! It was the complete lack of response that bothered me.

And I shop online all the time, I understand that sometimes things go wrong. I've had sellers on Ebay just not receive a message I've sent. But they've always gotten the second, and we all chalk it up to a misunderstanding and go our merry way.

So the time finally comes, I leave negative feedback. Here is the IM conversation that followed.

Kimberlee Stiens: Hello are you there?

Kimberlee Stiens: I'm about to leave negative feedback, this is your last chance!

guangjin caiyuan: hi

Kimberlee Stiens: Hello, I just had to leave you bad feedback. :( I just need to return an item, but you never responded. Can I return for refund?

guangjin caiyuan: Hello. Your side what circumstance. Please tell us,

Kimberlee Stiens: The item is nice, but does not fit

guangjin caiyuan: Please tell us the specific situation, we put your feedback to our boss, thank you.

Kimberlee Stiens: I bought it, but it is too tight across the shoulders. I have sent at least 4 messages asking how to return the item and receive a refund, but never got a response. I will be happy to change the feedback when I get a refund. Order Number:100127049

guangjin caiyuan: We have a complaint you

guangjin caiyuan: Sue you distort the truth and the affect fair trade.

Kimberlee Stiens: ???

Kimberlee Stiens: The "truth" is that I'm unhappy with my item, wrote you four times, never recieved a response. Poor customer service.

guangjin caiyuan: We have a complaint you,

guangjin caiyuan: You don't solve problems with our negotiation.

Kimberlee Stiens: What does that mean?

Kimberlee Stiens: Is it supposed to be "with out negotiation?"

Kimberlee Stiens: Because I tried to negotiate (four previous times) and still am

guangjin caiyuan: Because you don't contact us. You only according to your mean judge matter.

Kimberlee Stiens: I contacted you four times via message, and attempted to chat another time!

Kimberlee Stiens: FOUR TIMES! No Response!

guangjin caiyuan: no

guangjin caiyuan: We are very angry, the way you do things. Don't talk with us.

Kimberlee Stiens: Well, no is a good answer too. Look, you can give me a refund and Ill return the item and change the feedback, or the feedback can stand. Up to you.

guangjin caiyuan: We have a complaint you

guangjin caiyuan: You are dishonest.

Kimberlee Stiens: How? I sent you messages, you never responded, and now I'm giving you a chance to make it right. Are you going to give me a refund or not?

Kimberlee Stiens: I probably won't buy on Ali again, given how this went, so I don't care you give me negative feedback. YOU are the ones who will have to keep selling with poor feedback.

guangjin caiyuan: We just query your order number. We completely according to your message for you as commodity. Then free sent to you. You do make our company has a great losses.

Kimberlee Stiens: Well, you only lose money if you give me a refund. Are you giving me a refund?

guangjin caiyuan: You have done very bad things,

Kimberlee Stiens: ? Are you giving me a refund or not? I will revise feedback if you do.

guangjin caiyuan: I will give you the information release in many places. Tell them you are a liar.

Kimberlee Stiens: I don't understand. Please rephrease

Kimberlee Stiens: *rephrase

guangjin caiyuan: Your attitude is very unfriendly, we Sue you. You threaten us,

Kimberlee Stiens: What threat?

guangjin caiyuan: To copy sucstressed unfriendly. Don't You contact us to solve problems. Directly to our bad of feedback.

Kimberlee Stiens: I am dissatisfied with my purchase, I would like a refund. I sent several messages via Ali's messaging, I have confirmation copies. No response. Will you give me a refund or not?

guangjin caiyuan: You are not actively problem-solving attitudes. You do that, only in your own attitude to judge matter.

Kimberlee Stiens: Copy of message: Dear Kimberlee Stiens,

Your message was successfully sent to guangjin caiyuan click here for the detail information of your order No.1001270493.

Kimberlee Stiens: Hello! I'm trying to contact you one more time before leaving negative feedback. I need to return the coat because it is too tight across the shoulders. I would like a refund and will return the coat. Please tell me the address to send it to and confirm refund, and I will be happy to leave positive feedback.

Wishing you the very best of business,

AliExpress Service Team (2011-01-22 10:10:21)

Kimberlee Stiens: OK, lets problem solve, then. Give me a refund and I remove negative feedback

guangjin caiyuan: We want to Sue you. ,

Kimberlee Stiens: Good luck. I have done nothing wrong.

guangjin caiyuan: You have no contact with us. Positive to solve problems.

guangjin caiyuan: You threaten us,

Kimberlee Stiens: Are you giving me a refund or are you keeping your bad feedback? I'm getting tired of being called a liar and being told I'm making "threats.”

guangjin caiyuan: We are a comprehensive trading company, to operate the project a lot. We are actively communicate with customers every aspect. We are all in the positive cooperation and conversation.

Kimberlee Stiens: OK, then lets talk. Are you giving me a refund or not?\

guangjin caiyuan: But other digits. And because you copy sucstressed positive not with us to solve problems. And give us bad feedback. Threat to us, that we give you of personality have cast doubt,

Kimberlee Stiens: OK. I'm done. Are you giving me a refund or not?

guangjin caiyuan: If you don't give us bad feedback before. We can have a good problem solving. Now your behaviour has caused by our company's reputation and great losses.

Kimberlee Stiens: And if you give me a refund, I will change the feedback so it is not bad

guangjin caiyuan: Now you are threatening to us?

Kimberlee Stiens: No, I'm negotiating

guangjin caiyuan: You have no credibility.

Kimberlee Stiens: OK, last chance. Are you giving me a refund or not?

guangjin caiyuan: bye

guangjin caiyuan: You threaten us,

Kimberlee Stiens: I gave you many chances to resolve my complaint. You instead call me a liar and say I'm threatening you. I will never buy from you again and will complain to AliExpress about your store. And your feedback score will stay. One last chance. If you just refund my order, I will remove my feedback and not complain.

guangjin caiyuan: We will take you to send to the world. Let people around the world comments. Because you figure problem. Not our quality problem,

guangjin caiyuan: bye