About this Blog

This blog is about me. Sure, I'll talk a lot about politics, business, cover letter and resume tips, job hunting, business ethics, the non-profit sector, and a whole lot else. But ultimately, you'll learn about these things through my eyes, and as such, there are some biases you should know about.

First, I'm a college graduate, with a Bachelor's in Political Economy.

Second, I'm very interested in the non-profit sector, and in general think all businesses should run more like non-profits.

Third, I'm a capitalist. Sure, I have some strong ideas on how capitalism should be done differently, but I believe in the basic model, with some improvements.

Fourth, I'm a bit liberal. I don't identify as a Democrat, because I think that party has major problems, but I have a hard time taking Republicans seriously. Just a warning.

Finally, I'm a Utilitarian. But don't assume that I agree with everything Mill or Bentham say. I feel strongly that the rightness or wrongness of an action is determined by the good or bad that it does to society as a whole. My entire morality is situational, based on what the impacts of individual circumstances are. This informs everything I do.

Me, personally, I'm an Office Manager at a fantastic drug policy reform non-profit. I love my job, and I think I kick ass at it. But I'm also the Executive Director at another non-profit, the National League of Students, which I and a few other friends founded. Check us out, and support our work if you think it's a good idea!

I sincerely hope that I get some disagreement about some of the things I write here, and that we can have some good discussion! Information is everything, and the more people talk about stuff and bring up more points of view, the better able we'll be to make informed decisions.